Stretch Your Budget: The Best Coupon Apps for 2023

Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush of nabbing an unbeatable deal? Imagine this: You’re at your favorite store, smartphone in hand. As you fill your cart with goodies, each swipe on your phone brings another sweet discount to light. The thrill is almost palpable.

This isn’t a dream—it’s reality made possible by the best coupon apps. These ingenious tools transform everyday shopping into treasure hunts where incredible deals await discovery. But which ones should make it onto your device?

You might be familiar with some names already—Capital One Shopping for price comparisons or Honey App’s automatic savings function that makes finding discounts feel like taking candy from… well, an app! What about Ibotta’s grocery-specific cash rewards? Or Dosh and Rakuten who’ve got most retailers covered? And let’s not forget – home to free printable coupons.

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Unraveling the Best Coupon Apps for 2023

As we usher in 2023, let’s take a closer look at the top-rated coupon apps. These handy tools are not just about Capital One Shopping, they’re an effective way to save money on everyday purchases and splurges alike.

Capital One Shopping: The Champion for Price Comparisons

If you love shopping but hate paying full price, Capital One Shopping might be your new best friend. This app has made its mark as a champion of price comparisons among various products. So what makes it stand out?

The power lies in its ability to compare prices across multiple retailers with ease and speed. Simply scan a barcode or type in your desired item, and voila. You’ll get real-time updates on where you can find that product at the lowest cost.

No more wasting time flipping through flyers or hopping from one online store to another; this nifty tool does all that legwork for you.

Honey App’s Sweet Deal with Automatic Savings

Moving on from comparing prices to applying discounts automatically – meet Honey app. Users rave about how Honey helps secure automatic savings on their purchases without any fuss.

You may ask why is it called “Honey”? Because it finds sweet deals so effortlessly.

An average discount of 17.92% sounds too good to pass up? That’s exactly what users have been getting when using Honey according to Investopedia, which compared several dozen of the top coupon and coupon code apps on the market today.

Once installed, this clever browser extension scours the internet for promo codes while you shop. When it’s time to check out, Honey applies any found discounts automatically. It’s like having a personal finance guru who makes sure you never miss out on savings.

Key Takeaway: 

Whether it’s Capital One Shopping guiding you to the best prices or Honey applying discounts seamlessly at checkout, saving money has never been easier. On average, users pocket an impressive 17.92% savings with Honey. So go ahead and give these top-notch coupon apps a try in 2023 – your wallet will thank you.

Grocery Shopping Made Easy with Coupon Apps

Visualize yourself in the grocery store with your shopping cart filled to capacity. You know you’ll be spending a good chunk of change today. Imagine getting cash back from those purchases? Enter Ibotta, one of the leading coupon apps for groceries.

Ibotta – A Cash Rewarding App for Groceries

Ibotta’s popularity comes from its simple premise: earn money while shopping. It’s as easy as snapping a photo of your receipt after purchasing eligible items at participating retailers. And let me tell you, Ibottta isn’t stingy with their list – it includes tons of household items we all buy regularly.

The app allows users to scan receipts or link loyalty accounts directly to collect rewards without any scanning required. What’s really amazing is that since it began in 2012, Ibotta has paid out over one point two billion dollars in cash rewards.

If anyone ever told you saving money wasn’t worth it because they didn’t see immediate results, just show them these stats.

Apart from making savings on everyday purchases like groceries or household items through cash back offers, another feature that makes Ibotta stand out among other coupon apps is its unique referral program: referring friends can also earn points which can then be redeemed for gift cards or even transferred straight into your bank account. Now that’s an incredible deal.

Checkout51 – Another Smart Way To Save On Groceries

Moving away from Ibotta but staying within the realm of grocery-specific coupon apps, Checkout51 deserves mention too. Like most other coupon code apps available today on the app store, Checkout51 works by offering cash rewards for purchasing certain items.

Every Thursday morning, Checkout 51 updates its offer list. All you need to do is buy the products from any store (yes, even grocery delivery services), snap a photo of your receipt through the app and voila – cash back.

Isn’t that the icing on the cake? When your account balance hits $20, they mail you a check. Talk about an effortless method to save money.

Key Takeaway: 

Picture yourself saving big on groceries with coupon apps like Ibotta and Checkout51. They let you earn cash back simply by snapping a photo of your receipt after buying eligible items, even from grocery delivery services. With features like extensive reward lists and easy-to-use referral programs, these apps are changing the game for thrifty shoppers.

Dosh – Your Go-To App for a Variety of Retailers

It’s no secret that everyone loves to save money, and the Dosh app has made it easier than ever. Dishing out discounts across a wide range of retailers, this app is your ticket to automatic cash back on everyday purchases.

Unleashing the Power of Dosh

The beauty lies in its simplicity. Once you link your payment card to Dosh, every purchase at participating retailers earns you cash back without lifting another finger. It’s like having an invisible friend who drops dollars into your bank account while you shop.

This versatile coupon app stands out by catering not only online shoppers but also those preferring brick-and-mortar stores. That’s right. In-person purchases can be equally rewarding with Dosh if you are shopping from their variety of retailers.

Ditching paper coupons and going digital doesn’t mean missing out on incredible deals either. With numerous discounts available within one click or tap, saving money becomes as easy as pie (and yes, there might even be a discount for that pie.). But how does it work? You ask; we explain.

  • You download the free Dosh app from your favorite app store.
  • Create an account and securely link any credit cards or debit cards.
  • Browse through hundreds of offers in different categories such as household items and hotel stays.
  • Earn automatic cash back when using linked cards at eligible shops both online & offline.

A little skeptical about sharing credit card information? We get it. But let us reassure you: Safety is paramount for the folks over at Dosh — they use bank-level encryption technology to keep your information secure.

While many apps offer cash back for specific products, Dosh is all about the places you shop. From pizza joints to clothing stores and even hotel stays — if it’s on their list of participating retailers, you’re getting cash back.

Once the balance in your Dosh account hits $25, you can easily transfer it straight into your bank account or PayPal.

Key Takeaway: 

Meet Dosh, your new favorite money-saving app. This easy-to-use platform dishes out automatic cash back on everyday purchases from a broad spectrum of retailers. Simply link your card, and voila – savings are yours without any extra effort. With offers aplenty both online and offline, every purchase feels rewarding with Dosh.

Rakuten – A Rewarding Shopping Experience

Who wouldn’t love a shopping experience that gives back? That’s exactly what Rakuten, one of the top coupon apps, offers. It provides cash back at over 3,500 stores and even comes with its own cash-back credit card.

The Rakuten Advantage

Getting started with Rakuten is as easy as pie. Just sign up and you’ll get an instant $10 bonus to start your saving journey. But wait. There’s more to this rewarding platform than just a warm welcome.

You can use it both online and offline for purchases from participating retailers such as Macy’s, Nike, Best Buy – the list goes on. Once you’ve made eligible purchases using their link or by scanning in-store barcodes via the app, you earn rewards in the form of cashback.

Beyond individual items though, it also shines when booking hotel stays or buying household items. For example: booked a stay at Marriott through Rakuten? Get ready for some surprising cashback amounts added straight into your account after check-out.

This means whether you’re shopping online or visiting brick-and-mortar stores; there are plenty of opportunities to save money without any receipt scanning required. And if convenience wasn’t enough – they pay out every three months through PayPal ensuring no delay in enjoying your hard-earned savings.

Cash-Back Credit Card Magic

If earning rewards through regular purchases sounds appealing but isn’t quite enough to whet your appetite for savings; then hold onto your hat because here comes another incredible deal: The Rakuten Cash Back Visa® Credit Card.

In addition to all those amazing benefits we mentioned earlier (like getting cash back at more than 3,500 stores), this card adds another layer of savings. You get an extra 3% Cash Back on all Rakuten purchases and a whopping 1% Cash Back everywhere else Visa® Credit Cards are accepted.

Just imagine the potential savings each time you use your card. Every time you use your Visa Credit Card, there’s an opportunity to get a little something back. The best part? There’s absolutely no cap on how much Cash Back you can earn.

Key Takeaway: 

Rakuten takes the cake as a top coupon app, rewarding your shopping with cash back from over 3,500 stores. Start off with an instant $10 bonus and continue to save online or offline at popular retailers. The magic doesn’t stop there – boost savings further by using their Cash Back Visa Credit Card that offers extra rewards on all purchases. – The Hub for Printable Coupons

When it comes to the art of saving money, is your go-to platform. This website not only provides printable vouchers but also a mobile app that allows you to get automatic rewards on qualified purchases.

The first step to scoring big savings starts with understanding how this coupon giant works. Once you’ve landed on their website or downloaded their handy mobile app, a world full of discounts and deals awaits you.

You’ll find everything from grocery items to household products listed there, all offering some sort of discount or deal. To make sure your savings don’t slip away unnoticed, these coupons can be printed out directly or digitally clipped and stored in your account for later use.

The true beauty lies in its simplicity; no scanning required nor any complex steps involved. Just select what suits your shopping list best and voila. Your journey towards significant savings has just begun.

If we talk about numbers here (because who doesn’t love seeing those dollar signs decrease), then let’s dive into one important stat: Since its inception, has given back more than $1 billion in total cumulative cash back payments as per user reviews — now if that isn’t impressive enough.

A Deeper Dive Into How It Works

To further streamline the process, operates through three main categories – Printable coupons (for those who prefer old-school paper-based ways), Digital Coupon Codes (tailored specifically for online shopping enthusiasts) and Loyalty Card Deals (to keep loyal customers rewarded).

  • Printable Coupons: These are essentially the same as your traditional paper coupons, but in a digital format. You can browse through thousands of offers, print them out at home and use them at any participating retailers.
  • Digital Coupon Codes: As online shopping hits record levels, these coupon codes are made for e-commerce platforms and app stores selling a wide range of goods and services. Just enter the code at checkout to see your savings.

Key Takeaway: 

Get Savvy with Savings on Master the art of frugality by using This platform gives you access to free printable coupons and a user-friendly mobile app for rewards. Browse through countless discounts on groceries and household items, print or digitally clip them, and watch your savings pile up. If you’re more into traditional ways, don’t worry – we’ve got old-school paper coupons too.

The Evolution of Coupon Apps Over Time

Coupon apps have transformed from mere digital versions of paper coupons into powerful tools that can do much more than just save money. They have evolved to provide convenience, user-friendly interfaces, and a wealth of deals across numerous categories.

Remember the time when couponing meant scouring newspapers for cut-outs? The arrival of early, with its printable coupons, revolutionized this process. However, these initial stages still required manual input – printing out or showing the barcode at checkout.

Fast forward a few years and you’ll find advanced features such as automatic application of promo codes on checkouts by browser extensions like Honey. These were game-changers because they streamlined savings without requiring users to lift a finger.

The innovation didn’t stop there though. Apps like Rakuten came along which expanded their reach beyond in-person purchases offering cash back rewards online too. With over 3,500 participating retailers today, Rakuten is not only about getting discounts but also earning real money while shopping. It’s quite an evolution from simple discount applications.

  • Rakuten: Launched as Ebates in 1999 and later rebranded as Rakuten, it started off providing rebates via checks or PayPal payments based on online purchase percentages. Today it offers its own cash-back credit card expanding its realm further into personal finance territory.
  • Honey: Beginning operations in 2012 with only five employees working tirelessly to give us the best deals possible using coupon code apps concept was groundbreaking enough but Honey’s growth did not stop there. They added a browser extension that automatically applies coupon codes at checkout making it even more user-friendly.
  • Ibotta: Since its launch in 2012, Ibotta has been revolutionizing the way we shop. It gives you cash back for buying everyday items like groceries or household goods. All you have to do is scan your receipts after shopping and voila. You earn rewards. Over a decade later, Ibotta continues to reward savvy shoppers around the globe.

Key Takeaway: 

With offers cash back on purchases from over 2,500 stores. This evolution shows that coupon apps are not just about saving money anymore; they’ve become comprehensive tools for savvy shoppers who want to make the most out of their online shopping experience.

Maximizing Savings with Coupon Apps

Saving money on purchases, whether they’re everyday household items or special treats, has never been easier thanks to the best coupon apps. They turn your smartphone into a portable saving powerhouse.

Making Full Use of Your Coupon App

To start with, it’s essential to understand how these coupon apps work. They automatically search for and apply coupon codes at checkout – an excellent way to ensure you’re getting incredible deals without any extra effort.

Some even let you earn rewards points which can be exchanged for gift cards or cash back added directly to your bank account. For instance, the Rakuten app allows users to make eligible purchases at participating retailers and receive up-to 5% cash back straight into their PayPal account.

Taking Advantage of Special Offers

Coupon code apps often feature exclusive offers not found anywhere else. To maximize savings, regularly check these special promotions – you might find a great deal on something you were planning on buying anyway.

A word of caution though: Don’t get carried away by the thrill of finding discounts that lead you into making unnecessary purchases. The goal is saving money after all.

Leveraging Loyalty Accounts With Coupon Apps

Another clever trick is linking your loyalty accounts from grocery stores and other retailers in-apps like Dosh and Ibotta. These give automatic discounts when shopping both online or in-person using linked payment methods such as credit cards.

This strategy doesn’t just help save money but also simplifies tracking rewards across multiple platforms- it’s win-win.

Double Up On Savings With Credit Cards

Utilizing a cash-back credit card along with these applications can result in extra savings. This approach works especially well with Rakuten which offers its own cash-back credit card.

Just make sure you’re not carrying a balance on your cards because interest charges could outweigh any potential savings.

Key Takeaway: 

Maximize your savings with coupon apps by understanding how they work – automatically applying discounts at checkout and earning you rewards. Keep an eye on exclusive offers but avoid unnecessary purchases. Link loyalty accounts for automatic in-app discounts, and pair with cash-back credit cards to double up on savings.

FAQs in Relation to Coupon Apps

Are coupon apps worth it?

Coupon apps can save you serious cash. They offer easy access to deals, discounts, and cash-back rewards on everyday purchases.

Which app has the most discounts?

Capital One Shopping is often top-rated for having a plethora of discounts across multiple retailers.

How do I find legit coupons?

To get legit coupons, use reputable coupon apps like Honey, Ibotta, or

Is RetailMeNot a good app?

RetailMeNot is popular because it offers savings from thousands of stores. It’s reliable for finding both online and in-store coupons.


Saving money is no longer a chore, thanks to the best coupon apps. They turn everyday shopping into exciting treasure hunts filled with unbeatable deals.

Remember Capital One Shopping for its price comparison prowess and Honey App’s automatic savings that sweeten every deal. Don’t forget Ibotta, your grocery-shopping ally that offers impressive cash rewards.

Consider Dosh and Rakuten as versatile tools covering an array of retailers while offering hefty discounts and cash backs. And lastly, stands tall as the hub for free printable coupons – making saving easier than ever!

So take these insights on board! Download those apps today! Start your journey towards savvy spending!

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